On A Journey

Last year I developed a blog, this year I move on to website development. The difference between a blog and a website, at first glance, seems to be minimal but this is a learn-as-I-go project, so Secret Beach Kauai Feb 2013I am open to discoveries along the way. That means I do not know what this site will look like in its final iteration, but I welcome you along on the journey and look forward to any comments or feedback you might want to send my way.

I am told that a good website has a purpose, or a focus — a reason for being. All I can say about this site is, that at age 66, I am open to exploring, learning, and growing. Exploring what? Everything perhaps. But I hope that  the journey will help me discover what really matters in life.

I took these photographs because I love the images, but they also make me wonder: is there in all of us, a desire to leave a mark, no matter how small? What do you think?

Arbutus tree, Saltery Bay, BC

Arbutus tree, Saltery Bay, BC

Bamboo grove in Kauai

Bamboo grove, Hidden Dam, Kauai

1 Response to On A Journey

  1. irvingchong says:

    Fun fact of the day courtesy of CRWR 2140: Did you know the Arbutus tree is also known as the Madrone.

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