Thirteen Weeks

This posting is a self-assessment, a critical look (as critical as any self assessment can be) at the development of my writing skills in CRWR 1240, Writing for New Forms and Media.

I am proud of my accomplishments over these thirteen weeks. Some of the course requirements, such as creating this blog frustrated me yet the outcome is worth every anxious moment. The site is, to my eyes, uncluttered and my postings begin to reflect who I am. Still, I sometimes drag my feet when it comes to writing and that is something to work on. No class is going to give me the discipline I need to keep writing – that is my responsibility.

This blog has shaped shifted. I envisioned writing about the digital world from a senior’s perspective (and there will be some of that). However, I find myself drawn to writing personal reflection or self exploration pieces. Perhaps that makes sense at this time of life.

Having played it safe most of my life, I am ready to step up. I want to ‘find the wolf inside and ignore the rabbit.’ (Ross Laird: lecture notes September 19.) Blog writing is my wolf hunt.  Opening my blog to the public, and posting this self assessment is my way of ignoring the rabbit.

I confess that I did little research in preparation for my writing and spent too much time procrastinating. Although a book I have had for years, Tell Me a Story did influence me. The idea that stories both define and free us turned me inward. I recall works that fed me as a child and young girl: The Little Engine that Could; Superman the Radio show; and Invictus, by William Ernest Henley. These and other influences, will find their way into future blogs.

Sometimes I did set aside time to sit in silent contemplation.  Other times I engaged my creative energies by performing routine tasks – housework, especially washing dishes, sometimes does it. Driving long distances always works (scary but true).

The worst times were those moments when, after spending hours working on a piece, I realized the writing was drivel (two pieces wait for me to determine if anything in them is salvageable). Drivel is what happens when I let my ego get involved in writing.

The best times where those when I followed Ross’s advice in his handout: How to Start Writing. When I let go of being in control, thoughts flow as if some other entity has taken charge of words and keyboard.

If I had to give myself a grade for my writing in this course, it would be 80 to 90. I am still working on authenticity in my pieces.

So what is the most significant learning in these thirteen weeks? The answer will emerge as I continue growing with this blog, however, I believe it will be about trust and courage. Trusting my voice and taking chances with what I write.

About ccjohnson

I am a newbie to the digital world enjoying the challenge of learning how to navigate the information superhighway. My main goal is to become comfortable with the digital world and to feel confident using on-line tools in my writing practice.
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